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Were your fireworks a dud?

Jul 09, 2013 -- 8:06am

Watching the Lake Cable fireworks display this year made me wonder, outloud.  The "Official" display, lacked umh, pazazz, enthusiasum.  Immediately following the ones from the beach came the battle of two families from their backyards, and I gotta say, these were FIREWORKS!  Bright Colors, no duds, and store bought, what gives?  So here comes the wondering outloud part:  Why have an "Official" display?  In mentioning this to many of my friends from Perry, Massillon and Green the response was the same, "This years weren't as good as in the past years".  Should each individual burb, fund a small, not exciting local display OR should these towns combine monies and do one big spectacular 45 minute display that is remembered as the best 4th Canton has seen in years?  Just my 2 cents. J

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