Germs are everywhere, but before you freak out and break out the hand sanitizer, relax − only 2% of germs actually contain harmful pathogens.

Here are some things you probably always thought were disgustingly dirty, but are actually pretty clean:

  • Toilet: There’s more E. coli in the average sink than in the toilet after you flush it.
  • Coins: Germs actually prefer soft, moist environments, which makes coins an uninhabitable environment for pathogens – and coins are metal so they have natural anti-microbial properties.
  • Jewelry: Just like coins, germs can’t easily live on the hard metals of jewelry.
  • Trash cans: Bathtubs are actually germier than garbage cans. There are many organisms on the cans, but they are more often than not harmless!
  • Dog kisses: Humans have more “dirty” germs than a dog's mouth. That’s not to say slobber isn’t gross, but it isn’t harmful. (Good Housekeeping)