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Michael vs LeBron

Oct 02, 2013 -- 4:42am

In a Battle of the Ball, who would win?

MICHAEL JORDAN is pretty confident about his place in history.  Asked who he'd like to play in his prime, he threw out a who's who. He mentioned Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Jerry West and Carmelo Anthony.   And how would he do?  He said, quote, "I don't think I would lose . . . other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves."



"Breaking Bad" ended its five-season run on Sunday night . . . but that hasn't stopped the Internet from talking about it.  Here are some highlights of the things making the rounds online:

1.  Someone has created a dance track called "Dance [B-word]", which . . . naturally . . . features AARON PAUL'S line "dance [B-word]" over and over again, over a beat.  Tom Neville and Zen Freeman created it.

2.  In a recent podcast, "Breaking Bad" creator VINCE GILLIGAN shared five alternate endings for the show, which he and the writers considered before they decided how the show would actually wrap up.

Roughly, the alternate endings are:  Walt "goes Rambo" . . . Walt "kills cops" . . . Walt "takes out a jail" . . . "Skyler kills herself" . . . and "Jesse dies, then Walt Jr. dies."  (For more details, you can read through them at TheWrap.com.)

3.  Vulture.com has put together a comprehensive list of the "Breaking Bad" finale's "Best Memes, Tributes, and Callbacks."  It includes .GIFs, tribute videos, and "image macros," which are those social media-style pictures, with writing on them.

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