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Dec 07, 2013 -- 3:11pm

As I have gotten older, I've become more acutely aware of how we as people don't really seem to care about the health of our planet.  

Cancer is an epidemic for which we have no cure.  Many times we don't have any clue why we or our loved ones have developed such a terrible illness.  I remember reading a study a few years ago about how if we live long enough the chances of us contracting some form of cancer are near 100 percent.

Humans aren't the only ones either. 

Recently it seems more of our pets are becoming afflicted with various cancers and tumors too.  Nearly all of us have lost a cat or dog to some form of cancer.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why?

I have.

And the more I ask questions the more I learn about the world around us.

Recently I've seen three documentaries that I recommend you watch.  They'll probably scare the hell out of you - I know they scared me..

Tar Creek is available on NetFlix and tells the story of the world's biggest EPA Superfund site.  Located in Pitcher, Oklahoma, piles of rock and chemicals left behind from mining companies dot the landscape - covering nearly 50 square miles.  To date the government has spent over $250 Million trying to clean up the mess.  The situation is so bad the EPA has classified the entire area as the most toxic place in America.

Another amazing film also available on NetFlix is The Atomic States of America.  While being touted as "clean and safe" energy, nuclear power doesn't come without risk.  Dozens of reactors are churning out tons of radiation per year into the communities that surround them.  This documentary chronicles the cancer clusters that surround various still operating plants in the US.

For those of you with HBO, I recommend checking out Toxic Hot Seat.  The doc begins with a San Francisco fireman telling his horrific story of developing a rare form of cancer which is later revealed to be caused by chemicals released by flame retardent materials found in nearly all of our furniture.  Working in conjunction with the Chicago Tribune, the film exposes a dark conspiracy led by big tobacco to knowingly load up our homes with ridiculous amounts of chemicals known to cause cancer.

Think we're "safe" living in Ohio?  Not quite.  

Stark county has it's own EPA Superfund site.  Right off of 619 and Cleveland Avenue is an old landfill that has been leaking over a million gallons of old industrial waste into the ground since 1959.  In 2009 the property went up for sale and there was talk about making it public park land (???).

Just down I-77 south sits another potential cancer disaster - Dover Chemical.  You can see it right from the highway, and this particular site has been causing environmental problems for years.  It's even been called one of the most toxic sites in Ohio.  A pollution risk assessment site called Scorecard says the chemicals released into the air and water from DoverChem rank the cancer risk upwards of 90 - 100 percent for people and pets ingesting the release, which is listed as carbon tetrachloride.

Currently three cancer clusters are being researched in Ohio.  The most infamous is in a small town in the western part of the state called Clyde.  Whirlpool operated a plant there until 2006.  It is believed PCB's leeched into the groundwater and are responsible for 35 children developing cancer since the mid 1990s.  A group of residents have taken up two class action lawsuits against Whirlpool Corporation, but one was dismissed at the beginning of November.  Learn more here at their official facebook page.

While you and I aren't allowed to knowingly dump any chemical into the ground without possibly being arrested and jailed, for some reason we allow corporations to dump without little or any consequence.  It sickens me that companies can ruin the health of innocent people and the worst that can happen is that company may be fined.

Does it bother you things happening right in your backyard can make you, your family and pets, even your children sick?


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