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5 Things To Do When It's Really Cold

Jan 05, 2014 -- 12:34pm

The "Polar Blast" is all the news - a system of frigid air moving from the North Pole and descending down upon North America.  Temperatures in Northeast Ohio are expected to hover around 0 degrees for the high on Tuesday before the temps rebound.  With some simple YouTube searching, I've found a few interesting things you can do when it's friggin' frigid outside.

1.) Evaporate Hot Water

This is about as simple as an experiment can get. You just have to make sure it is very, very cold and you use very, very hot water. Simply boil some water, place it in a mug, head outside when the temperature is at -10 or lower, throw the water up into the air and watch what happens!

2.) Frozen Bubbles
Anytime the temperature drops below zero, you’ll want to make sure you have some bubble solution ready. Why? Because you can freeze the bubbles! Warm up the solution in the microwave before heading outside and blowing some bubbles. Catch the bubbles on the wand and watch them freeze, then you can throw them, roll them or just crack them. 

3.) Pop a Pop
This one is simple enough, you just want to plan this experiment so you explode you can or bottle of soda in the middle of the night, waking up all of your neighbors. The best thing to do is leave the soda outside for an hour. Once it’s almost completely frozen, throw the soda, or drop it off a ledge to make your pop go pop!

4.) Banana Hammer
Bananas are about to get a whole lot cooler. Place a ripe banana in the freezing cold outdoors and let it sit for about an hour. Then find something you wish to hammer, perhaps a nail into a piece of wood, and hammer away with your banana. Note that it will still hurt if you accidentally hit your finger instead of the nail. 

5.) Shrink and Re-Grow a Balloon
Find a balloon, and yes for many that will be the most difficult step, blow up the balloon and tie it up outside. The balloon will deflate, the colder it is the faster this will happen. Once you are satisfied with the lifelessness of your balloon, bring it inside and watch it come back to life. 

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