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Watch Out on the Road

Feb 12, 2014 -- 11:09am

With this winter being so ridiculously cold and snowy have you noticed extra challenges on the road?  Of course, we're all dodging the community of potholes everywhere!  When I see people weaving all over the road I don't think 'that person is on their cell phone', I start looking for potholes because I know they're just trying to avoid them.  The other obstacle I've noticed in the last few weeks are people walking in the streets since the sidewalks are all covered with snow.   I saw someone on West Tusc this morning strolling along the side of the road and when you have a car next to you in the left hand lane and you can't move over I'm so scared I'm going to hit them!  And many of them give me death glare like I'm the one in the wrong place!  Have you noticed this?   Come on, Spring!!  Get here so we can all drive safer!!

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