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The contest will begin on Thursday, March 27th and continue until all monies are awarded.  Due to the nature of this contest, a total cash amount cannot be given as it will aid in the “guessing” of prize amounts.

“Hi Low” will be played at various times 6am-7pm weekdays instructing listeners to call in to station at 330.450.9400.  Most likely the 9th caller will be chosen as a contestant and will have the chance to guess how much money is in that particular round of the “Hi Low” Jackpot.  Each contestant will be asked two times to state their guess of how much cash they believe is in the Jackpot (both of their guesses must be identical, down to the penny).  The amount guessed will then repeat back to each contestant followed by an announcement of whether it is too high, too low or correct.


Proper identification from winner is required at time of prize pick-up.  No prize will be given to anyone not listed as a winner.
It is the responsibility of the winner to contact the station if someone other than themselves is picking up their prize.
Winners must be 18-years of age or older unless otherwise specified.

In the case of the contest is affiliated with an alcoholic beverage manufacturer or distributor (in name only and/or on premises) or that include hotel accommodations and/or air travel, those contests are open to listeners that are 21 years old or older.

Prizes will be awarded as follows: one (1) winner per household per 30 days, WHBC is not responsible for replacing the prize if the 30-days has expired.
Major prizes awarded as follows: one (1) winner per household per 6 months.
All cash prizes (any denomination) and major prize winners over $599 must fill out a Form W9.
By participating in any WHBC AM/FM contest(s), contestants grant WHBC AM/FM the right to broadcast the participants name, character, likeness and/or voice.
Employees of WHBC AM/FM, other radio stations, participating sponsors, and immediate family members are not eligible to win.

WHBC AM/FM reserves the right to substitute any prize of equal or greater value.

Where a prize consists of tickets for a specified event, WHBC AM/FM will not be responsible for event cancellation.  In cancellation occurs, the winner must deal exclusively and directly with the promoter of the event. 
WHBC AM/FM has the final decision in any interpretation of the contest rules and determines all values to prizes.  WHBC AM/FM will conduct contests/promotions as announced or advertised. However, WHBC reserves the right to change or modify the rules as may be required.  In such cases, the contests/promotions will be conducted in accordance with the amended rules.

WHBC AM/FM is not responsible to replace any prizes lost or stolen.
WHBC AM/FM is not responsible for any prizes once they have been mailed. 
When applicable, one entry per household permitted.  Mass produced entries will not be accepted.

WHBC AM/FM makes no warranties regarding the safety, condition or fitness of any prize awarded and will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by a winner and any parties thereof, through the use of the awarded prize.

Listeners listening to contests/promotions via internet streaming and/or smart phone could be at a disadvantage as streaming or phone broadcast is in delay.   All contest/promotion announcements could be heard approximately 30 seconds to several minutes later than if listened to over the radio.
WHBC AM/FM assumes no responsibiltiy for technical difficulties -- mechanically or human -- during the course of contesting segments on air, online or by any device including cell phone, iPad, etc.  WHBC AM/FM assumes no responsibility for technical difficulties with incoming phone calls.

Failure to comply with all the contest rules will result in the disqualification and forfeiture of the prize.  If forfeited, the prize will remain the property of WHBC AM/FM.
Prizes are non-transferable.
Winners must understand that they are responsible for including winnings value as taxable income on their tax return.  Winners are responsible for paying taxes on that income (which equals the value of the winnings).
If total winnings in a year are equal to or greater than $599 winners will receive a Form 1099 from WHBC AM/FM.
No purchase is necessary.
Good luck and thanks for listening!

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