I mean you don’t have to tell me twice about discounted Chipotle! I will definitely spend more money on a costume to get discounted burritos (albeit it will offset how much I’m saving for dressing up)! But I’m sure I can find my David S. Pumpkins suit from a few years ago!

So to dive into the details, Chipotle has a scary good deal for those celebrating Halloween this year. If you come into a participating location on October 31st, while wearing some sort of costume, you can score a $4 “Boorito”. The annual promotion, which kicks off at 3 pm and runs until closing that day, is good on a burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or an order of tacos. Delish points out that what counts as “dressed up” is entirely at the discretion of employees. So may not hurt to throw on a previous years costume rather than “improvising” one. I’ve got burned on that before.

What is the most minimalist costume you can come up with while still seeming like a working costume?

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