7 Ways To Clean Up Your Life With This Year’s Only New Moon In Virgo

For those of us who are feeling a little chaotic in our lives here are seven ways to clean things up as the New Moon approaches this week.  The New Moon will commence on September 17th and brings illuminated health and happiness. But to give it a little boost, go green and clean up your home and maybe invest in a better air filter.

Dedicate your time, money, or both to causes that uplift your community while taking some time for self-care. Up your nutrition and fitness regime and enlist friends for encouragement. You can even take your pet on daily walks.  Learn to receive, The 2020 Virgo new moon reminds us to be receptive to the kindness and generosity of others. You don’t have to go it alone. Also, empty your cup, having a headspace that is filled to capacity is harmful, try meditating, and operating from a clear space.  Be good to your gut, Virgo rules the small intestines and the digestive system, so now is the perfect time to implement a few gut-healthy changes to your diet.  Finally, let go of perfectionism, Virgo calls to better oneself and those around us but at the same time perfectionism can lead to inner critiquing.

Try making a gratitude list and practicing affirmations.  How are you improving your life or those around you during the Virgo season?