9 Tell-Tale Signs Your Relationship Is Going Somewhere, From Experts

There are nine tell-tale signs that your relationship is going to the next level according to experts.

1. When the vibe has changed and the connection has intensified it’s a tell-tale sign things are moving in the right direction.

2. If you’re spending a lot of time together, consistently and

3. discussing your future it’s a good sign that the person is looking at the relationship in the long term.

4. Making future plans gives hope that the other person will be around.

5. Meeting each other’s friends shows that you want acceptance from your partner’s circle.

6. Meeting the parents is a bold step as well as number 7, spending the holidays together.

8. When sex is passionate and

9. When you feel the need to pull back actually signifies that our love is intensifying.


How did you know your relationship was getting serious?