Adopt A Bulldog For Canton McKinley Winter Sports

Going to athletic events has long been a tradition for high school students, but the unfortunate reality is that some students can’t afford tickets. In an attempt to minimize that problem and maximize school spirit, Canton City School District is giving the public the chance to adopt a Bulldog for Canton McKinley winter sports.

This is the first time that the district has offered the all access student pass, which will allow the student to go to any home game of any sport. Canton McKinley winter sports include basketball, wrestling, bowling, competitive cheer, gymnastics and swimming. Not only does this gift give the individual student the chance to become more involved and invested in the school, it also gives the community a chance to show young people that we care about them. Community and student support has been an issue for the Canton McKinley Bulldogs and hopefully this can prove to be a small step towards fixing that.

The All Access Sport Student Pass can be purchased for a specific student or staff can assign it to a deserving member of the student body. The passes are on sale until November 29th and are available at the McKinley Athletics website. Staff member Kim Fete can be reached with any questions via email at [email protected].

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