The mother of twin 5 year olds decided to do themed photo shoots for their birthday. When she asked her son what he wanted his photo shoot to be featured around he immediately said he wanted to recreate his favorite movie ‘Up’ with his 90 year old great grandfather. They are SO cute together! And both his great grandfather and great grandmother got involved by dressing up like Carl and Ellie. 5 year old Elijah, of course, was dressed as Russell. I love the fact that they were able to incorporate his great grandparents! Those are pictures he will treasure as he grows up!

There was another reason why this was so special. Right after Elijah and his sister were born their mother was diagnosed with cancer and she didn’t know if she’d actually see their 5th birthday. So she wanted to commemorate their birthday with themed photo shoots. She is a photographer so she took all the pictures.

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