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After 32 Years Kings Island Closing Vortex Roller Coaster

It was the tallest full circuit roller coaster with the highest drop in the world and the first one with 6 inversions when it opened in 1987. But on October 27th the Vortex at Kings Island will close for good.

I have actually never been to Kings Island, although I certainly have plenty of friends who have. I’ve always gone to Cedar Point. I was always a roller coaster fan until the last time I went, which was years ago. I went up with a friend and planned on riding all the coasters. After we got off the Mean Streak I thought, huh, I don’t feel really good. But we went on with our day. The last ride we went on was the Raptor and that put me down for good! Fortunately, my friend was driving because I definitely could NOT have driven home feeling the way I did! I actually didn’t feel back to normal until the next evening! That was a depressing day because I realized I could no longer ride roller coasters…

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