You want your baby’s first birthday pictures to be memorable, however, the memory should be happy and not a frightful one, unfortunately for one-year-old Anja and her parents, Kelyn and Isaiah Allen of Houston, Texas, that was the case.

Isaiah set up his daughter’s photo shoot with a blanket, a balloon, and some flowers when Houston socialite, Franci Neely, stormed over with a Pomeranian in tow and proceeded to snatch up the baby blanket and began yelling at the parents.

Neely tried to knock the camera out of Isaiah’s hands as he was filming the incident while Anja can be heard crying in the background.

Neely was interviewed by a local Houston news station and said she’s sorry for getting upset but says that photo shoots are “damaging to community property.” According to the HOA President, Cece Fowler, the property was deeded to the community in the 1920s and since then “homeowners were going into people gardens and basically taking over the neighborhood,” said Fowler. However, the Allen’s were not in anyone’s space.

Here is another interview that gives a little more information on the story:

Who do you think was at fault, the socialite or the parents?

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