I have to say I really thought it would come down to V. Unbeatable and Kodi Lee. The top 5 consisted of Voices of Service, comedian Ryan Niemiller, Detroit Youth Choir, Kodi Lee and V. Unbeatable. After Voices of Service was announced as the 5th place act, V. Unbeatable took 4th place. That shocked me as well as the audience as gasps were audible. The kids in the group were devastated but I think they’re going to be spending a lot of time in the U.S. because I will be surprised if they don’t get hired for plenty of appearances soon! Then it was down to Ryan Niemiller, who has just been fantastic this season, Detroit Youth Choir and Kodi. Ryan took 3rd place (and, again, this guy’s career is just starting! Especially when Gabrielle Union publicly stated she wants to work with him with her production company). And then it was down to the Detroit Youth Choir and Kodi Lee. I think the Detroit Youth Choir knew Kodi was going to win but it was awesome to see them take 2nd place! Again, I expect them to be hired soon for shows! Kodi Lee, the blind singer with autism, just captivated the audience every time he took the stage. If you’d like to see his first audition watch the video below and keep the tissues handy! He is truly amazing and I won’t be surprised if we see him during AGT Champions this winter!

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