Autumn Zirkle was contacted by Innes Middle School administrators to tell her that her son in 7th grade, Liam, was involved in an altercation at school but was okay. But when Liam came home on the bus, that did not seem to be the case. After Zirkle took her son to the doctors it was determined that he was suffering the repercussions of a concussion, and that they should see a neurologist.

Zirkle didn’t even know how bad the fight was until she saw a video taken on a phone of the fight. In the video, you can see Liam being attacked my multiple students during his science class. It isn’t until a few hits in that a teacher can be heard telling the students to, “Chill out.” Zirkle is furious that a teacher didn’t intervene sooner. But the Akron Public Schools Administration said the teacher behaved appropriately. According to school policy, teachers are not required to physically intervene. They are to contact the school resource officer, and use verbal directions to try and break the fight up. Afterwards, parents are to be contacted as soon as possible. Zirkle says that her son has had problems with this group of students for quite some time. After she received the video, she posted it to Facebook. After posting it to Facebook, other parents reached out to Zirkle saying their children have had problems with bullies at the school as well.


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