Luke P. has been quite the villain this season on the Bachelorette! He got SKEWERED on the Men Tell All last week. Then Hannah piled on so it really was the Luke P. show once again. But he actually has someone defending him. Ali Fedotowsky doesn’t condone his behavior at all. She calls him a manipulator and a jerk. But she does say that the way he was treated on the Men Tell All was bullying, too. Whether you agree with what the guys said to him last week or not, I have to admit, I cringed a bit watching because it was pile on after pile on after pile on. Again, I agreed with what the guys and Hannah were saying but it was A LOT for someone to take, especially on national television. I’m kind of shocked he showed up because he had to know it was going to be bad. When you go on that show you are completely at the mercy of how you’ll be edited and TV has to have their heroes and their villains. Some people revel in being a villain but some are bewildered and don’t understand why people don’t like them. I think that’s what happened with Luke this season. I hope he’s learned a lot from watching the show back. But in a world where social media rules and people will say anything behind the anonymity of a keyboard, people get hurt a lot more than I think many realize. Yes, as Ali says, Luke is a jerk. I’m not positive he deserved EVERYTHING he got last Monday. Tonight we find out who she chooses. Whether or not Hannah gets her happy ending is really up the air!

If you’d like to see a few moments that didn’t make it on the Men Tell All last night check this out!

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