It’s no secret that folks everywhere are dealing with a lot of stress, worry and anger in their lives, and a new survey finds reveals just how bad things have gotten in the U.S.

A new Gallup Poll asked folks about their feelings the previous day, and 55% of Americans in 2018 said their day was filled with a lot of stress, while 45% felt a lot of worry and 22% experienced a lot of anger. Overall, Americans Negative Experience Index rose to 35, higher than in any other previous years.

When it comes to stress, the U.S. percentage was 20% above the global average of 35%, with only three countries, Greece, Philippines and Tanzania experiencing more. Greece has actually led the world in stress since 2012.

As for worries, the U.S. is six points above the global average of 45%, although it doesn’t rank near the top of the list at all, with 29 other countries having a majority of folks feeling worried. Folks in Mozambique feel the most worried (63%), followed by Chad (61%).

And while it may seem like Americans are angry all the time, apparently we aren’t nearly as angry as folks in other parts of the world. In fact, the U.S. percentage was similar to the national average, with folks in Armenia experiencing the most anger (45%), followed by Iraq (44%) and Iran and Palestine (43%).

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