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Americans Will Suffer 5 Sweaty, Sleepless Nights Before Turning On The AC For The Summer

Did you know that almost half of Americans won’t date someone who doesn’t enjoy the same thermostat levels as them? In a new poll from OnePoll and Trane Residential out of 2,000 Americans surveyed one in four Americans have ended a relationship due to discomforts in temperature.  Most of those surveyed say 69 is the perfect indoor temperature but many more won’t turn on the AC when it starts heating up outside.

Many will go through five nights with no AC and one in seven won’t turn on the AC until August.  Other interesting facts found in the poll revealed 35 percent think turning the thermostat down to its lowest setting will cool off the space faster.  Trane air conditioning product expert Mark Woodruff says to help cooling costs you can invest in a smart thermostat to regulate the temperature in your home and maintain your system.

What do you keep your home thermostat at? Do you or someone you know refuse to turn on the AC, even in the Summer?

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