In case you missed it, lawmakers in Arkansas have found a really backwards way to try and motivate kids to do good in school. Believe it or not, Representative Alan Clark has proposed a bill that if passed, would cut funding for lunch programs at schools that lag behind in reading scores. You heard that right: he wants to take food away from kids if they perform bad on tests.

As you can imagine, parents in Arkansas are up in arms, with many taking to social media to blast the proposed bill. “Yes, let’s punish poor kids who are struggling academically by starving them. That will surely help,” one person wrote, while another added, “You can’t teach reading if a child’s basic emotional and physical needs aren’t being met.”

Regardless of the backlash, Clark is standing by his bill. “I am not new to controversy,” he said. “You don’t get anything important done without confrontation and taking a few knocks. Seeing that Arkansas children can read is worth a few bruises.”


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