We’ve all known folks right out of college who have no problem furnishing their places with cheap futons, hand-me-down couches and even mattresses on the floor. But there does come a time in everyone’s life when they need to grow up and get their own stuff, and an new survey reveals just when that is.

A new poll finds that most Americans think 28 is the average age by which a person should have “grown up” furniture; with a dining room table the piece of furniture most people (36%) say signals adulthood. Other grown up furniture purchases include:

Dining chairs (35%)
Couch (34%)
Mattress (31%)
Bed frame (30%)
Coffee table (26%)
Dresser (26%)
Arm chair (25%)
The survey finds that overall, only 44% of people are proud of the way their home is furnished, with 10% embarrassed by their home. And that could be because most people are holding on to old furnishings. In fact, the average person hasn’t bought a new piece of furniture in 2.85 years.

Source: SWNS Digital

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