While red roses and chocolates might be the way to express love on Valentine’s Day in North America, in The Land Down Under both women and men agree there’s a better way to go on February 14th.
In a survey conducted by West Australian chicken restaurant Chicken Treat, 43% of participants preferred fried chicken to flowers, breaking down 25% to 65% ladies to guys.
According to marketing head honcho David Harrison, “In the 25 to 34-year-old age bracket, nearly half of all women want fried chicken, not flowers from their romantic partner on the international day of love.”
“There is still a large proportion of romantics out there [but] what this research clearly showed was that fried chicken is preferable to wine and roses, for a huge part of the population,” Harrison told BuzzFeed.
If skipping the traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day, what will you give instead?

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