By now you have probably seen Avengers: End Game (and if you haven’t I strongly question your life choices). And after watching our favorite Avenger, Tony Stark, make the ultimate sacrifice to save the universe… you might be asking yourself… WAIT. What the heck happened to past Gamora?

Gamora’s past self comes through the portal with Thanos and his crew, and sides with our heroes after speaking to present day Nebula. But after everything is said and done, we don’t really see or find out what happens to her after the final battle. Well, now thanks to a deleted scene, we know what happens to her after everything is all said and done: Girl just walks off!

While the rest of our heroes are bending the knee, paying respect to our fallen Iron Man, Gamora leaves without seemingly giving a crap that he just died to protect the world from her crazy daddy. You can watch the scene in the video above!

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