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 Maybe you’ve seen or heard of “man in finance” on TikTok…it’s started out as a joke and has changed the life of the girl who created it. 

@girl_on_couchCan someone make this into an actual song plz just for funzies♬ original sound – Girl On Couch

Megan Boni goes by @girl_on_couch on TikTok and posted a video asking someone to make a song out of her fictitious wish list of a guy. Next thing you know, it gets over 42 million views, DJ David Guetta flies her out to Vegas to perform with him and The Chainsmokers want to meet her.  Then, she signs a record deal, quit her job, got an agent and a manager and is riding the popularity wave of this little lyric. 

@abcnewslive The TikTok community has officially crowned its new song of the summer. #GirlonCouch, aka Megan Boni, recently went viral on TikTok for a video singing that she is “Looking for a Man in Finance,” getting over 22 million views. ABC News’ Daniel Dana speaks to Megan to hear about her viral video and the inspiration behind it. #imlookingforamaninfinance ♬ original sound – ABC News Live