Especially after visiting the Stark County Animal Shelter, I highly recommend adopting a dog from a shelter rather than a big name store if you can! These dogs need a good home, and depend on you! Many shelters throughout the nation saturated with dogs. However, one Brewing company in North Dakota took it upon themselves to help these canines out!

Fargo Brewing Company has partnered recently with 4 Luv of Dog. Together they have decided to put pictures of dogs up for adoption on their beer cans! These feature dogs are being dubbed by the team as their “One-der Dogs.” Jerad Ryan, a volunteer for 4 Luv of Dog, also works for Northern Plains Label. Northern Plains Label happens to make labels for Fargo Brewing which cause Ryan to come up with the idea. “I just had the light bulb style idea to feature the dogs on beer cans,” he professed. They even came up with an event day where you could buy a $9 pack of beer and meet the dogs!

What is an unlikely company duo that you’ve seen partner for the greater good?

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