If you just read that headline you think, oh, geez, another Bridezilla, right? That’s what I thought! Then I actually read the article and realized that if I’d been that bride I would probably be furious, too! The bride posted on Reddit that she and her fiance had chosen their wedding date. Soon after that her brother-in-law and sister-in-law announced they were going to be parents. Everyone was excited! Then things took a turn. Two weeks after the bride announced the date of her bridal shower her sister-in-law chose the same day for her baby shower. Most of her family decided to be at the baby shower instead of the bridal shower. Then a week before the wedding the sister-in-law announced she had scheduled that same day for her C-section, even though the doctors recommended other dates. So, again, most of the family decided to be at the hospital instead of the wedding. After hearing the details of the story who do you side with?

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