(WHBC) – The Stark County Humane Society is reminding people to make sure their pets and animals are safe as this brutally cold weather settles in.

“Definitely give them extra food and water and make sure that they’re safe, and if you can, get them inside somehow, somewhere,” said Executive Director
Jackie Godbey.

She says even a dog house might not be enough to keep a dog safe from the dangerously low wind chills we’ll be getting.

“I know our Ohio Revised Code says a structure outside, a dog house and food and water, but at the temperatures we’ll be enduring I don’t think it’ll be fit for anybody out there.”

She recommends moving the dog house into a garage if possible, or better yet, bringing the dog inside.

She says the humane society on Tuesday was responding to about 3 to 5 calls an hour about a possible case of a pet being exposed to the elements too long, and she expects those calls to increase substantially on Wednesday and Thursday.

“We’ve got two guys on the road with bales of straw and food and water to check on animals as calls of concern come in.”