In the battle against the blaze, firefighters have to be resourceful and use every tool that they have available. From the traditional things like hoses and PPE to more modern technology, firefighters do everything they can to make sure that everyone comes home safe. Check out this Canton Fire Department drone footage from the Spring Valley fire.

Drones obviously give an eye in the sky perspective and allow departments to get the big picture figured out much quicker. Outfitted with thermal imagers, Canton Fire Department’s drone gives firefighters points of access and identify spot fires.

The Canton Fire Department drone was called out to Spring Valley Golf Course on November 10th to assist with a brush fire. The fire would usually be taken care of by East Sparta but due to it’s size, other departments were called in. Other departments on the scene included East Sparta, Mineral City, Bolivar, Canton Township, Erie Valley, Magnolia, Mohawk Valley, Massillon, Jackson Township, Plain Township and North Canton.

Assistant Fire Chief of Canton Township, Rick Morabito complimented Canton Fire Department on Facebook. As of the last update, the fire is now smoldering and no damage was reported at the golf course. As of now, there is no cause listed for the start of the fire.

Canton Fire Department


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