Relationships are weird. There are no set of rules and even if there were we wouldn’t obey them, so couples are left to decide what does or does not work for them. While some people fall into the opposite ends of “extreme monogamy” or polygamy, most people find themselves somewhere in the middle with what being faithful means. According to a recent survey of Americans, these are some of the things that we do or do not consider to be cheating.

Having sex with someone else

99% Cheating – 1% Not Cheating

It’s pretty wild that there are people who don’t consider having sex with someone else as unfaithful, but they’re out there. The most common justification was that if you don’t love the person, it’s just sex, not cheating.

Watching porn

8% Cheating – 92% Not Cheating

Porn has ruined countless relationships, so usage can be problematic, but I have a hard time calling sex with yourself cheating.

Flirting with someone else

26% Cheating – 74% Not Cheating

Flirting can be a blurry line and while many don’t consider it cheating, it is a step down that road, so some partners are weary of it.

Using dating apps/sites without messaging others

47% Cheating – 53% Not Cheating

So, you’re just matching with people on Tinder for the laughs?

Using dating apps/sites and messaging others

87% Cheating – 13%  Not Cheating

Once you slide in those DMs, most partners are going to have an issue.

Your partner has been in a coma for years with no expectation of recovery and you have sex with someone

41% Cheating – 59% Not Cheating

Having sex with someone else while your partner is in a hospital bed seems like pretty clear cheating, but if they’re in a coma, is it even possible to break up? Luckily, this isn’t a common scenario.


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