Northeast Ohio is well known for it’s creativity when it comes to pizza but earlier today, the City of Canton officially decreed that a new spiral-inspired cut, would be the “official” Canton representative in the ongoing pizza wars.

In a statement from Simon Belmondo, who serves as Assistant Restaurant Administrator to the Mayor, it seems that everyone inside city hall is buzzing with the news of the installation of what is quickly becoming a new local favorite.

“Looking at Canton’s well established and renowned history as the birthplace of football, it only made sense that a ‘spiral’ become a staple in the Ohio pizza world. We were very excited to make this official and are looking forward to seeing more restaurants adopt and serve this delicious swirl of hometown flavor!”

Several area pizza staples are already citing massive demand for the new Canton-style pies and are encouraging diners to call ahead to make sure they can get their own personalized pizzas in the new Canton-style.

To make it easy, the city has set up a direct inquiry line for diners to check on the status of availability. It can be reached by dialing (330) 450-9400


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