I love love LOVE fall! The changing colors of the leaves! The brisk temperatures! You know what that means… cute layers! Whether you layer up with a scarf, cardigan, or vest, every layer is an opportunity to add a bold splash of color, and different textures to your look.

Don’t be afraid to try different color combinations and patterns until you find something that just screams, you! For this outfit, I combined a tweed vest, a blue button down shirt, plaid skirt, and yellow tights.

I know sometimes it can be daunting to pair bold color choices together. Especially if you like to play it safe and stick to neutral tones. One of the best ways to coordinate an outfit is to choose one piece to be the focal point, and coordinate everything else around that. For this outfit, I chose my skirt. That skirt has a ton of color options: cream, yellow, white, burgundy, blue and brown. I decided to go with a dark blue top to really make the blue undertones in the skirt pop! Now for my tights, I could’ve gone either burgundy, or yellow. But, I was feeling sunny, so yellow it was! The vest not only looks cool and rustic, but it helped with the overall silhouette of the look. The dark blue button down is actually very flowy, and the vest helped control that. A cardigan would’ve worked too!

This is just one of many of my bold color-choice looks that I’m excited to sport this autumn. I hope this will inspire you to try new inventive ways to combine pieces that probably already exist in your wardrobe, and make a completely new look!

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