(WHBC) – Preschoolers in Massillon have construction trades students to thank for making their playground a lot more fun.

The juniors and seniors in Washington High School’s construction trades program built two playhouses for the playground at the Massillon Public Preschool.

Before the preschool moved to the school district’s administration building it was housed at Franklin Elementary School, and Principal Mike Medure says kids had plenty of things to do on that playground, but the playground at the new preschool still needed to be built up.

He says getting the construction trades students involved was a perfect fit.

“They far exceeded my expectations,” Medure told WHBC News.

“Those students really did a great job, and I think it was a sense of pride because they knew where these were going.”

Medure says the preschoolers were watching intently as the playhouses were put into place on Tuesday.

“They were all glued to the windows when they saw these being backed up to the playground, in anticipation of getting to play on them.”

Medure says, considering how well constructed the playhouses are, he anticipates that the children of some of the students who built them may even get to play on them one day.

Massillon City Schools