(WHBC) – The Stark County Highway Department is ready to do battle with mother nature this weekend.

“We have 23 snowplows ready to go,” said county engineer Keith Bennett.

He says he has divided his drivers into two crews and one crew will be on-call at all times from Friday night through Sunday.

Bennett says they’ve already been pre-treating the roads with a salt/brine mixture and sometimes they use a product called Beet Heet, which uses the liquid from crushed up beets to keep the roads from freezing.

His crews are responsible for about 400 miles of roadway in Stark County.

As always, he’s asking people to be courteous with his plows on the snowy roadways.

“Just give us plenty of room, be patient and take your time.”

The National Weather Service has included Stark County in a Winter Storm Watch for Saturday morning through Sunday morning amid the potential of anywhere from six inches up to a foot of snow, along with strong winds.