Most of us will be celebrating mom on Sunday, but one dad wants to cancel Mother’s Day in his house, and folks don’t think he’s necessarily wrong.

A husband recently shared on Reddit that his wife is “very anti-corporate/government” and doesn’t particularly like to “embrace the ‘money’ side of certain holidays.” He notes they do usually give gifts to the kids on Christmas and birthdays, but tend to stress that’s gifts are really not what the days are about.

His wife is so against some holidays that last year she actually canceled Father’s Day, saying it was because she wanted the kids “to respect us everyday and not make one day a special occasion for celebrating fathers or mothers.” But suddenly now that Mother’s Day has rolled around? She’s “changing her tune” and wants to be taken out for breakfast and given gifts. When the dad refused it caused a big argument, and mom is now still mad.

As you can imagine, folks had something to say about it, and many sided with dad:

“Either agree to do them or not, but she’s being a brat now that it’s her turn,” one person wrote while another added, “She can’t have her cake and eat it too…she canceled Father’s Day so fair is fair. She’s being a hypocrite.”
Others felt like the argument isn’t important enough to keep going. “Just drop it,” one person noted, adding that while it’s “lame” she now wants Mother’s Day, the dad should, “Make it clear it was a little (expletive), she owes you this year, then give her a kiss and move on.”


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