(WHBC) – Governor Mike DeWine highlighted the need for an increase in the state’s gas tax during his State of the State speech on Tuesday.

“Our families should not be driving on roads that are crumbling and bridges that are failing,” the Republican told a joint session of the Ohio General Assembly.

“So I appeal to you today as legislators, as fathers, mothers, sons, daughters…help us fix this.”

And he issued a warning for people who might think the issue isn’t as urgent as he believes it is.

“If you think the roads are bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet…if we take no action.”

The governor and ODOT are proposing an 18 cent a gallon jump in the gas tax to help repair the state’s roads and bridges, saying the state has avoided the problem for too long.

If approved by lawmakers the increase would take effect on July 1st.

Also in DeWine’s first State of the State speech, he talked about combating the state’s opioid addiction epidemic and investing in infrastructure, workers, water resources and children.

“Simply put, it is time for us to invest in our future.”