Do You Think ‘Die Hard’ A Christmas Movie?

It’s the holiday controversy that threatens to tear this country, and the Mix Facebook page  apart – should Die Hard be considered a Christmas movie? One the one hand, the movie does take place around Christmas.  But on the other hand, it’s far from a heartwarming holiday tale. We got an upset listener write to the Facebook page after we featured the movie in our “Best Christmas Movie of All Time” polling campaign on Facebook. They wondered why included it in our polls, directed us to an interview with Bruce Willis where he says Die Hard  isn’t a Christmas movie, and asked us to take it out of the running.

Turns out most Americans don’t consider it a holiday film.  A recent poll from the Hollywood Reporter found 62% of people said Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie, while only 25% said it is. And this probably won’t surprise you – men were more likely to consider Die Hard a Christmas movie than women, and people aged 30-44 were more likely to say yes than people over 55.



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