How could someone do such a thing?! A golden retriever and a pot bellied pig were abandoned outside of the Tuscarawas Humane Society shelter last week. Security cameras caught a man pulling up to the parking lot, and dumping the two animals outside, then driving away. A couple hours later, officers came to the parking lot and saw the two left outside. They waited with them till another officer came that was with the Humane Society, and was able to let them into the building. The dog and pig have been renamed Annie and Hermoine. Annie, the golden retriever is about 9 years old. Hermoine, the pot bellied pig, had overgrown hooves and needed to be bathed.

According to a recent update on the Facebook page of the Tuscarawas Humane Society, the man in the video has been identified, and charges are pending.

If you could open your heart and home, consider adopting these two precious babies!

Source: FOX43.COM

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