Okay. If you tuned into the Super Bowl last night, you might have been wondering why SpongeBob and friends showed up to introduce Travis Scott. That was Maroon 5’s way of acknowledging a fan petition created, asking Maroon 5 to include the song “Sweet Victory” from Spongebob Squarepants. Fans wanted it because, well, not only would be it be awesome for SpongeBob to play during the halftime show,  but it would also serve as a tribute to Stephen Hillenberg. Hillenburg was the creator of the cartoon and died last November.

In the episode that the song “Sweet Victory” appears,  Spongebob and friends perform the song during the Super Bowl, as they are hoisted up into a football stadium in a gigantic fish bowl.

Some were ecstatic that there was a nod to the petition and that Spongebob made an appearance.

While others feel it was a cop out… since they didn’t even play the song “Sweet Victory.”

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