Moving up three spots  from #49 to #46 in a 2nd round trade with the Colts, Browns General Manager John Dorsey used his first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft to select LSU cornerback Greedy Williams.

The second ranked corner in the draft, who had a 1st round grade, was too good for Dorsey to pass up so he gave up a 5th round pick to take the 6’2 – 185 pound SEC defensive back.

Below is the transcript from the conference call with Williams and the Cleveland media in Berea:

CB Greedy Williams:

On if he was surprised he dropped into the second round and if he believed Cleveland was a possibility:

“I was just overwhelmed. I was just thinking like, ‘Who’s going to get me?’ When I got the phone call from the 216 (area code), it was Cleveland and I was just happy. Filled with a lot of emotions. I am still replaying the phone call over in my head. I’m just happy to be a part of the Brownies. I’m ready to get in and put in a lot of work.”

On if he is looking forward to joining former LSU WRs Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry:

“I know those guys are going to get me right as far as playing my position and them going against me. They are going to tell me what they look for in a corner. I’m definitely ready to match up against those guys in practice and be able to cover anybody if you can cover them two. I’m just very excited. I thank Cleveland for just taking the opportunity on me. This is big for me and my family. Cleveland has a lot more fans coming from Louisiana. I’m ready just to get there, hug on the fans and hug on the coaches. It is a big day for me.”

On what he knows about the Browns:

“I know one thing – that the Browns are going to the Super Bowl this year (laughter). That’s a fact.”

On developing his ball-hawking instincts:

“I have been playing football my whole life, and I always loved to have the football in my hands. Transferring to defensive back, I knew whoever threw at me that I need the ball in my hands. I made that impact as a defensive back. Coming to Cleveland, I am that guy who can get you the ball two or three times a game, and I know for sure that (QB) Baker Mayfield is going to capitalize with those interceptions I get.

On playing with CB Denzel Ward:

“Oh, my God. Me and Denzel, we are going to tear up the league. You can go man on the outside all day, and we will lock down those receivers. Denzel is a Pro Bowl corner, came in his rookie year and did what he needed to do. I know he going to prep me up and get me ready to do the same thing. Possibly we can be the two Pro Bowl corners in the league playing for the same team.”

On his experience the past two days:

“It has been ‘Where am I going?’ More like, who’s going to take me, who’s going to get me? Like I said, when I got that 216, I didn’t know it was. I missed the call because I was just paying attention to something else and my girl kind of tapped me and said, ‘Look at your phone.’ I called back and it was Cleveland and I was shocked. I know y’all have a lot of LSU guys over there. I’m just happy to be a part of the team. I’m ready just to get there, put in work and be a difference maker in that defense.”

On if he had impression the Browns liked him during their meeting at the NFL Cominbe:

“I kind of did; I kind of didn’t. When I just got off the phone with my coach, he was like, ‘They really loved you. They got a first-round corner in the second round.’ I know they’re going to use me very well in the system. I’m just going to just really come in and be a big impact to the defense.”

On if he had to call the Browns back after missing the initial call to notify him he would be picked:

“Yes, I was sitting up on my other phone and I wasn’t paying attention to the draft phone. The 216 number popped up on the screen, and my girl like kind of tapped me and it said missed call from a strange number. I called back, and I guess it was one of the guys at the front desk. He answered the phone, and he said he was about to transfer me to the GM. The GM told me it was the Cleveland Browns. When he said that, a lot of emotion came. I was filled with a lot of emotion just to be a Brownie. I’m just ready to get there and be one of the great players that they expect me to be.”

On if the draft phone is an alternate cell phone:

“Yes, this is my draft phone. The other phone is just like a phone that I let my daughter use such more than me.”

On if he didn’t pick up the phone because his daughter was on the other phone:

“Yeah, my daughter was playing on my other phone.”

On where he is watching the draft:

“I’m in Shreveport, Louisiana – my home state and where I was born. It is a lot of people in a room right now.I’m kind of outside in front of the elevators. We are at the hotel – the Holiday Inn. Everybody is in there filled with a lot of emotion.”

On the number of guests at his draft party tonight:

“We had about like 150 and it is in a small tight room. We were jammed in.”

On his knowledge of General Manager John Dorsey’s work with the Browns:

“John Dorsey did a great job just getting the right guys in the right positions. I feel like this team will be the Super Bowl champs this year. Add me to the piece, you have a great corner that can play man to man and even turn the ball back over and let (QB) Baker Mayfield capitalize. With them picking me, I thanked them a lot. This is something that I could never forget. There are a lot of memories. I am feeling a lot of emotions. John Dorsey did a great job. I think once the team gets together, it is going to be a dominant team, we are going through the whole league and we are definitely making that Super Bowl.”

On if he has a relationship with fellow WRs Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry:

“Odell has been one of the guys that used to come back and just talk to us, send us shoes and things like that – Jarvis, as well. Those guys are NFLSU guys. I am pretty sure that whenever I step into the Cleveland Browns headquarters, those guys are going to welcome me into the NFLSU. They are going to teach me how to be a great pro with Cleveland.”

On being a father and how he earned the nickname Greedy:

“First my daughter, she was crying actually when the phone call was going on. Just seeing her crying, I made sure that I grabbed her first, hugged her and let her know that Daddy is here, we finally made it, we are going to be in Cleveland and I hope she is ready to put on her orange, brown and white.

“I got the nickname Greedy from my aunt. I was six months old, and I was chugging a lot of milk. She named me Greedy Deedee, but they took the Deedee off and just kept it Greedy. I have been Greedy ever since.”