A passenger on a WestJet flight got so drunk, the plane had to return to Calgary.
David Stephen Young has been ordered by a judge to pay for the fuel that was dumped in order to safely land. The cost? $21,260.68 Canadian. That’s $16,097 U.S.
Young is from the U.K. and before he boarded the flight headed to London on January 4th, he had six drinks at the airport bar. He is a recovering alcoholic and said he had the drinks because he was depressed because of a recent death in his family.
His unruly behavior on the flight caused the plane to circle back after one hour in the air. Young was arrested when the plane returned to the airport. He spent 7 days in jail.
What is the most unruly scene you’ve experienced on a flight? Were you on a flight that had to turn around?

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