After critics have called Maroon 5’s halftime performance at this past weekend’s Super Bowl “boring, “mundane” and “safe”, fans of rapper Pitbull have started a petition to see him perform at Super Bowl LIV when the game is played in Pitbull’s hometown of Miami next year.
Petition organizer JP Guiterrez stated online that no one would better represent the 305 than “Mr. 305” himself. Guiterrez says he got the idea for the Miami native to perform after watching rapper Big Boi perform at this past Super Bowl in Atlanta, the city in which Big Boi calls home.
Music and sports fans alike seem to agree with this petition’s sentiment that acts native to the city where the Super Bowl is played should be highlighted.
Who do you think should perform at the next Super Bowl halftime? Do you think it should be a famous act native to the city the game is hosted in?

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