(WHBC) – Authorities want people to know that there will be nothing to be alarmed about when they see a lot of police and fire personnel responding to the former Lake Middle School building this week.

First responders, including the Uniontown Police Department, will be using the unoccupied building to train for how to respond to mass casualty events and school shooters.

Uniontown Police Chief Michael Batchik says most of the drills will be confined to inside the building, so people outside really won’t see much, but if you happen see an officer with a realistic looking airsoft guns, or hear loud noises, there’s no reason to be alarmed.

Since the school is no longer used, the chief says they’re not concerned about damaging the building during the drills.

“Being able to breach open a door with proper breaching equipment, that type of training is invaluable to us.”

The chief says even the FBI will be taking part in the drills, which go from Tuesday through Friday.

“A lot of different agencies are involved, because this is a great opportunity that the school district has provided for us.”

The old middle school building no longer houses students or staff as a result of the recent reopening of the district’s remodeled Lake Primary School.