Florida law enforcement investigators have identified the cat burglar in an attempted break-in over the weekend: an actual cat.

The incident occurred Saturday night when a frightened Naples resident called 911. The resident stated she heard someone trying to force open her patio door. Collier County Sheriff’s deputies went to the scene and carefully circled to the back of the home with their guns drawn. That’s where they found the cat, “Bones,”  still in the midst of the attempted break-in. Once informed it was just a cat, she admitted to hearing meows. She thought the burglar was just trying to trick her.

Bones was taken into custody for “fur-ther questioning,” according to the sheriff’s office. A photo posted on the agency’s Facebook page shows Bones in the back of a patrol car, peering through a barred window.

Has a pet ever freaked you out? Have you ever called the police over something you ended up being embarrassed about?

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