Scream (1996)

This film marked a revival in so many ways for horror films. It kicked off the rebirth of the slasher genre, the teen horror boom of the late 90’s/early 2000’s and launched the career of…well nobody. BUT it was a rare gem that was loved by both critics AND fans plus it still stands the test of time.

It was smart, kept you on your toes and had one of the best ending twists of the entire decade. It wasn’t too meta, it didn’t pander to you. It was an adult horror film that just happened to be centered around teens. I will say it’s the best original concept since ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. Which should surprise because they both have the same creative mind of Wes Craven behind them.

Spoopy Fact: Drew Barrymore was originally cast to play the lead but then pivoted and elected to play a secondary role in order to confuse fans during the marketing of the film and keep the guessers guessing.

Creepshow (1982)

The iconic horror anthology films of all time, Creepshow seriously delivers. It’s effects have mixed reviews on how well they have aged but the short films are genuinely scary and engaging from start to finish. There is a good spread of tales as well from creature feature to tension wrought to just plain bizarre.

It has some big names from the 70’s and early 80’s and they all deliver. Definitely make sure you keep a light or two on while you watch!

Spoopy Fact: There is a marble ashtray that makes it’s way into every single vignette. Try to see if you can spot it!

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