If you follow Sarah Quinn or me, you’ll know we were at the Stark County Animal Shelter recently! We spent a few hours playing with a fun little pup and fed some newborns! Let me tell you this, we both came to the conclusion that getting to hang out with a dog all day is the best job possible– easily! So this may be an opportunity you want to jump on!

If you’re looking to score a job, a hotel is looking for a “fur butler.” Your job will be to hang out with a Bernese Mountain dog!  According to the job posting by the St. Regis Aspen Resort you need to have a “deep-rooted passion for animals” and be able to post pictures of the hotel pooch on social media.  The job is full-time! So if you want to snag this gig simply post a video or photo of why you’re the “doggone” favorite for the job.

Are you or someone you know perfect for this job?

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