Halsey is a brand new mom as of July when she gave birth to her son, Ender Ridley Ayden, and since then she’s been sharing what her new mom life is like. The singer posted a photo to her Instagram showing her breastfeeding her son who was dressed in a leopard onesie with the caption, “welcome to the jungle”.

Many comments on the photo were supportive of Halsey showing the natural action of breastfeeding while others posted comments like, “You don’t need to post a picture every time you breastfeed by the way.”

Another follower wrote, “Some pictures don’t need to be published”. “So like, is you uploading a photo of you breastfeeding every couple of days going to be a thing now?”. What do you think of moms posting photos of them breastfeeding their child? Do you think breastfeeding should be treated as an intimate time with your child rather than posting about it? Do you think more breastfeeding photos should be posted so it can be normalized?