Ohio can be the home of weird and novelty things that sometimes makes you go, “Uhh…” Aside from the classic “Hell Is Real” signs, Corn Stonehenge, and a river that caught on fire, we also see our share of day to day oddities. Sometimes it’s interesting to peruse the local papers just to see what strange calls the police dispatchers may be getting. So in this installment of weird occurrences, we have this fun story!

In Ashland County, a homeowner had a brief scare when it looked like their home was broken into on Friday October 4th. They had noticed their glass door was in pieces on the ground causing them to call authorities. When they arrived, they searched the home to find the intruder: a large goat that fell asleep in the bathroom.  After some investigation, the goat was discovered to be a nearby neighbor’s goat that they had recently reported missing. The large goat had to be removed from the home in a large dog cage.

What is their weirdest local incident that you’ve heard? What’s your favorite Ohio oddity?

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