(WHBC) – A man’s facing charges after allegedly releasing several horses from the stables at the Stark County Fairgrounds.

The Canton Police Department received a call around 5:30 Monday morning about several horses roaming the streets on the west side.

Officers responded and with the help of some volunteers were able to round up 14 of the horses that were released.

Unfortunately, one of the horses made its way into Meyers Lake and died.

“The horse fought really hard, but with the cold temperatures it was just too much,” said Lt. Dennis Garren.

He says, due to the fact that one of the racehorses died, the suspect, Jonathan Ford, could be facing more charges, in addition to breaking and entering, inducing panic, disrupting public service and possession of drugs.

The Lt. says as Ford was being arrested he said he thought that the horses wanted to be free.

Canton Police Department