Want to make someone’s day? One of the best ways to show people your admiration and appreciation is to give compliments. From boosting confidence to cultivating more meaningful relationships, the power of compliments cannot be underestimated. Compliments can brighten anyone’s day, whether given or received but they can be a challenge. If you want to give better compliments, it will take effort, but that effort will pay off.

Here are some tips on how to give better compliments:

  • Acknowledge their effort – Praising results matter but by telling someone you see how much effort and energy they put into something reinforces growth. Say something like “I know you worked hard on that.” “That must have taken a ton of time and thought.” “You put the effort in on this and it shows.”
  • Let them know you admire them – Make sure the person you’re complimenting knows that you look up to them for what they did. “I couldn’t do what you do” “You are really shining doing this” “I admire what you did here”
  • Notice their small successes – Little wins create big change and praising that change makes the recipient want to keep them going. “I appreciate what you’ve done” “Your contributions matter.”
  • Give them credit- Tell them what you enjoy about them and then give them credit. “I never have to take the trash out. You are so helpful” “I love laughing with you. You’re hilarious” “This project really came together. You did a great job on it.”
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