A Florida inmate has saved a baby — using the same set of skills that got him locked up in prison.
The incident happened last week in New Port Richey, where a group of inmates was out on work detail, repairing road medians. A man, who had parked his Chevy Tahoe nearby, strapped his 1-year-old daughter into her car seat and closed the door — before realizing he’d set his keys down on the seat next to her. The inmates saw the panicked father’s unsuccessful attempts to get into the vehicle and got permission from the guards to help.
Using a bent coat hanger, one of the prisoners was able to unlock the door within minutes, Sheriff Chris Nocco says. He notes, “They know they made bad mistakes, bad choices but they want to do the right thing in life.”
The child’s mother says she hopes to learn the inmates’ identities so she can deposit money into their prison accounts.

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